CAUTION: IRS is attacking 419, 412i, 412(e)(3), and Section 79 plans, and many other benefit plans described as 'captive insurance.'

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419, 412i, and Section 79,and captive insurance Investment Plans

If your CPA, financial advisor, or insurance agent introduced you to one of these plans and now the IRS is after you, contact us immediately. You may be a victim of insurance fraud. We want to help protect your business and your hard-earned income.

Likewise, if you currently participate in one of these plans, and are worried about whether the IRS will penalize you, give us a call. We can help you make sure your plan is legit, and that no one tried to trick you in order to get a huge commission.

Our team of ex IRS agent CPAs are good at this. If you want to sue Lance Wallachs side has never lost a case.

How your CPA, financial advisor, or insurance agent may be responsible for your audit:

  • Improper filing of form 8886
  • Misrepresentation of the tax code
  • Misunderstanding of the tax code
  • Failure to explain certain details of the plan
  • Bad math/calculations
  • Dishonesty

Despite these mistakes or misleadings by your CPA, financial advisor, or insurance agent, the IRS will come after you, the small business owner, if something is amiss. Where is the justice? These advisors should be held responsible for the damages you are incurring. We want to help you fight the people who took advantage of you and make them accountable for their actions.

The information provided herein is not intended as legal, accounting, financial or any type of advice for any specific individual or other entity. You should contact an appropriate professional for any such advice.

No Matter Where You Are In The Country You Face The Same Issues.

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Public employees everywhere are struggling to cope with the soaring cost of health care, particularly after retiring. Many who are eligible to retire keep working because their retirement pensions and other taxable retiree income sources aren’t enough. The average 60-year-old public employee and spouse retiring today may spend well more than $300,000 of their own money on health care expenses and insurance premiums during retirement! Fortunately, the HRA VEBA plan can help.

HRA VEBA overview

Defined by the IRS as a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), HRA VEBA is a type of health plan that reimburses qualified health care costs and insurance premiums for you, your spouse and qualified dependents. The funding source for King County’s HRA VEBA program is leave cash-out at the time of retirement from PERS, LEOFF 2, PSERS and the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System. Funds are deposited tax-free into participant accounts held by the nonprofit, tax-exempt HRA VEBA Trust, a voluntary employees’ beneficiary association (VEBA) authorized under section 501(c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code.

With an HRA VEBA:

  • You pay no tax on contributions, earnings, or withdrawals (claims).
  • You can use your account anytime after it is opened.
  • Your unused account balance carries over from year to year.
  • You can invest your account among the available investment funds, including any one of four premixed portfolios.
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