CAUTION: IRS is attacking 419, 412i, 412(e)(3), and Section 79 plans, and many other benefit plans described as 'captive insurance.'

Lance is Regularly Asked for His Opinion Regarding tax matters, 419e, 412i, abusive tax shelters, IRC 6707A and Section 79 problems!

 Health Care Pay-To-Play Payoff

We recently discussed one of the motivations Big Labor has for seeing a drastic health care bill pass, which is to eventually drive health care employees into public-sector unions. Intense scrutiny of the pending legislation unveiled another bone thrown to Big Labor in the current version of the bill, to the tune of $10 billion.

Union VEBAs (voluntary employee benefit associations) are in trouble. Lance Wallach, a New York-based VEBA expert, recently said of the UAW VEBA , if the funds “don’t get something, they’re out of business in 12 years.” That something would come in the guise of a so-called reinsurance provision in the health care bill. $10 billion would be earmarked to pay some claims for early retirees covered by employers and VEBAs.


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